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Time to step up a gear
July 7, 2010, 4:31 pm
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Okay. So I got real lazy with the BBT and solely relied on OPK tests monitors. Wifey & I tried 2 times. One IUI in the month of May and two IUI in June. May was horrible. We jumped the gun…. I peed on a stick on Wednesday. and we stared @ it for what seemed to be 1/2 an hour. We convinced ourselves that it was a “little” positive, we also had to take our Son to the dentists an hour away the next day and we weren’t sure how he would do with that wonderful Versed so we thought to ourselves “now or never”. I also had a horrible cough that night, and when I had my hips elevated all the gunk in my lungs was traveling north as well, causing me to cough like crazy. I swore I coughed those little guys right out of there new home(this is just me being paranoid)….That friday we had friends over for dinner, I felt some cramping, peed on a stick and there was a positive sign clear as day. Well shit! Fast forward to June. We decided that for sure we would wait till there was a SUPER positive sign to do our two vials we ordered. I peed on stick Monday morning- POOOOOOOOOSITIVE! woo hoo….wait no “man-in-a-tank”. Our “goods” according to Fed.Ex are “Out for delivery”. This was also the day we decided to finishing roofing our house. 2 hours later we have delivery. Roofing has been put on hold. * Deed is done* Second vial will be done tonight. Well, wifey decides to finish roofing and I want to keep her company. So my bright idea “The roof is slanted, I’ll just lay with my feet towards the high-end and my head towards the low-end so that I can have “elevated” hips and still talk to you. The most uncomfortable position ever. shingles hurt when you lay on them. Well anyway, 30 minutes later I’m beginning to feel cramping. They got worse with each passing minute. I needed to get off the roof and relax on the couch. These are the worst cramps since I gave birth to my 1st child. I kept reading about how cramping can be normal…but holy cow. I also know that ICI directly into the uterus can cause this but all our donor has is IUI so I know that it cant be that….so maybe it was a good sign, these cramps.  *sigh* 2 weeks later. BFN. Bummer.

This year wife & I have experienced some very hard things and have been stressed to our cores. I finally graduate Nursing school and we move in a few weeks to PA all the way from MT. We’ve decided that its time to hold the baby making train and wait till we’re settled in our new home. I’ve also decided that it’s no longer a guessing game. I do NOT….repeat DO NOT want to do drugs, injections, or even step foot into a doctor’s office till I go in for prenatal care. I will avoid it till I’ve tried everything(This is one of the main reasons we’ve gone thru NW cryo. We are able to do it all in the privacy of our own home). But now that nursing school is over and I am now able to breathe, I’m stepping it waaaay up. After reading so many blogs I’ve decided to do acupuncture, and clean up my diet( sad face :(- no more coffee), add more to my diet- including some herbs I’ve done much research on, continue w/opk, BBT like no ones business, Fertility sticks… and what ever else I can get my hands on that’s all natural. Suggestions suggestions suggestions…Please!! I am all ears. 

One thing that I need to fix- my internal parts. I have been so wacky since I started nursing school. There were a few times that it was 42 days in between my periods. I lost a lot of signs of ovulation. I should-be taken these ques and totally accepted the fact that this was not a good time to TTC but when you want something so bad you try to stay optimistic. My period has been a steady 31 days now for a couple of months and my CM has been showing signs of ovulation again, however my period have been very light w/zero cramping. Something very out of norm for me. I’m wondering if it was a success if implantation was a problem or could be a problem. I need to have a stronger endometrium.


Virgin Blogger
June 2, 2010, 8:27 pm
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Holy Moly Batman. I decided to try this whole Blogging thing again and decided to go with wordpress. I love blogger’s simplicity but love the layout of WordPress. How naive I am. This is very complicated. I am determind to figure it out though.

Hello world!
June 2, 2010, 5:27 pm
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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!